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Star Composed Chemicals MFG LLC strives to keep a safe and an environmentally conscious work atmosphere; keeping up with the newest technologies and regulations, continuing to be highly efficient, socially responsible, highly respected and profitable in service to our industry and the companies we serve.

Star Composed Chemicals MFG LLC is a manufacturer of all types of Lubricants and Additives certified by ISO since our inception in 2007. The mainstream brand – STARTEC has an extensive product range including, but not limited to – Automotive, Industrial and Marine Lubricants. STARTEC aims at economically achieving the highest quality standards meeting international requirements. All products are manufactured from 100% Virgin Base oil.

STARTEC advances in the level of understanding of lubrication combined with the availability of improved base oils and proven technology additive packages, updating itself to meet the latest technology challenges. STARTEC is committed to excellence in serving clients, taking the advantage of its widened spectrum of strong core lubrication technology, and introduce an extensive range of products under its umbrella, that fully meet the highest standards at the most competitive prices to suit all consumer needs.

Coupled with its state-of-the-art technology, our highly trained and skilled workforce is dedicated to ensure clients a problem solving capability, reliability and hence the best service.

With respect to product performance and product durability; continuous quality monitoring, dedicated personnel, advanced equipment and an effective quality control system ensure impeccable quality.

All incoming raw materials are also monitored by the laboratory for their quality before being accepted. The highly trained laboratory personnel also provide used oil analysis reports assisting the sales team in providing the customers an insight into their machines.