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STARTEC is equipped with the most modern blending facilities. The plant has dedicated lines for additive and base oils. Storage and filling facilities provide for maximum flexibility in package sizes and filling speeds without compromising the product quality.

Located in the industrial area of the Emirate of Ajman – UAE, sprawling over a wide area, STARTEC produces comprehensive grades of automotive, industrial, marine lubricants and additives covering the entire spectrum of high performance products using the latest advances in lubricants technology.

STARTEC Blending capacity is more than 7,000 metric tons per annum. The blending unit features multiple storage tanks and blending kettles fitted with the most advanced blending mechanisms to enhance productivity and efficiency. The presence of an additional high capacity kettle permits an in-house manufacturing capability for certain raw materials; ensuring the best quality from the start. STARTEC has developed its Production capacity by more than 300% since its inception. Availability of multiple filling and packing lines warrant a comfortable accommodation of any surge in supply requirements. Modern machineries coupled with a skilled work-force result in on-time execution of orders and deliveries.

Its range of packages comprise of:


STARTEC is fully equipped with state of the art testing facilities. The laboratory is the heart of the Quality Control at STARTEC.

Each STARTEC product features an advanced blend of premium quality base stocks and additives.

All products produced at STARTEC’s blending facilities have to pass stringent quality tests at the laboratory before its filling activity is permitted, thus ensuring highest standards of quality being met by the products.

All incoming raw materials are also monitored by the laboratory for their quality before being accepted.

The highly trained laboratory personnel also provide used oil analysis reports assisting the sales team in providing the customers an insight into their machines.