Product Description

STARTEC SAPPHIRE Motor oil 6000 SJ is a lubricant extra performance for diesel and gasoline engines that have been converted natural Gas Fuel CNG as the main fuel or supplementary fuel.  Its formulation contains mineral bases of excellent quality and an additive package that allows for greater protection engine operating at high temperatures, reducing the formation of sludge and varnish control corrosion, produced by the nitrogen nitration containing the GNC, better control of viscosity with increase the operating temperature inside the engine, it provides excellent control of the lubricating film contributing to a better control of the lubrication of the intake and exhaust valves. 

Features and Benefits 

  • Outstanding chemical thermal stability, which allows the lubricant, does not degrade the temperature increase. 
  • Excellent control of the nitrogen oxides which attack the lubricant and allow degradation and shortening their life. 
  • High shear stability, ensuring control of viscosity at high temperatures reducing oil consumption and wear of       lubricated parts. 
  • Superior protection against wear and rust corrosion on the durability of helping motor. 
  • Formulation with low ash additives that allow control of sludge and varnish inside engine. 
  • Optima low temperature pump ability and excellent mechanical stability operations high temperatures. 


Diesel and Petrol engines naturally aspirated and turbocharged, gasoline engines and naturally aspirated have  been converted to CNG "Natural Gas Fuel" as main fuel or fuel complementary.

Available Packing : 24x1L,6x4L, 20L, 208L, 1000L

Specifications, Approvals & Typical Properties

Test Parameters



Test Values

Specific gravity @ 15 oC

D 1298


Viscosity Cst @ 40 °C,

D 445


Viscosity Cst @ 100 °C,

D 445


Viscosity index,

D 2270


Flash point °C,

D 92


Pour point °C,

D 97


TBN, mgKOH/gm

D 2896