CHROME 8000 10W40 (Semi synthetic)

Product Description

STARTEC CHROME 10W-40 is high performance semi-synthetic passenger car motor oil designed to provide optimum performance in high-output, multi valve, turbocharged & supercharged gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars, vans, SUVs and light trucks. The advanced additive technology incorporated in STARTEC CHROME 10W-40 enables it to exceed the stringent performance requirements of leading passenger car manufacturers’ and global industry standards and is designed to exceed the requirements of specification. 

  • STARTEC CHROME 10W-40 has superior thermo-oxidative stability that minimizes deposits & sludge build-up
  • and reduces oil thickening, thereby facilitating extended oil life and active cleaning agents provides engine
  • Cleanliness.  Excellent antiwar technology minimizes engine wear and thereby reduces maintenance costs
  • And superior dispersants provides excellent control over soot induced oil thickening.   
  • Good low temperature
  • Fluidity assists in easy cold starts.


STARTEC CHROME 10W-40 recommended for the latest European high performance gasoline and direct
Injection diesel engines of passenger cars, vans & light truck requiring ACEA A3/B4 quality oils.     

Specifications, Approvals & Typical Properties

Test Parameters



Test Values

Specific gravity @ 15 oC

D 1298


Viscosity Cst @ 100 °C,

D 445


Viscosity index,

D 2270


Flash point °C,

D 92


Pour point °C,

D 97


TBN, mgKOH/gm

D 2896